I Want a Huawei P9


Yesterday in Ayala Center Cebu, after getting a haircut, I went to a local smartphone dealer and immediately asked the salesman if they have a demo unit of the Huawei P9. Unfortunately they didn't have one but he showed me dummy units of the P9 and P9 Plus variants. And it was a love at first sight.

Huawei P9 is the latest flagship device of Huawei featuring a dual-camera system co-engineered by Leica. I think having one is the closest I can get to own a Leica camera.

It didn't stop me so I stopped by a roadshow in a Huawei event to test the Huawei P9 camera. It's so easy to use and understand the settings. Too bad it was not possible to test it outside the venue.

I know it still lacks many features like UHD display but I think I don't need it yet; OIS, which would really help in low light and videos, but I'm surviving without it on my iPhone 6; better optics in low light and sharper image like the Galaxy S7, but I know I can improve the images in post-processing. I tried contacting Huawei to at least collaborate but I never received any response. I have no way of purchasing it at this time. Some bills are unpaid. Most of my monthly income goes to my rent. So I'm just lusting watching and reading the praises and reviews, see the pictures on Instagram and sigh deeply before closing the tabs.

So there.