Creative Drought


I haven't posted anything for the past 10 days which I felt bad as I have promised to myself that I will maintain this site by posting at least once per week. It could be the time of the year or probably fatigue and workload that led me to a creative drought. 

I am loaded by the tasks and projects I am handling and the future projects that will come, not to mention the three Six Sigma projects I am part of. It's crazily overwhelming. Good thing I have an amazing manager who motivates me every day.

But I'm starting to feel incomplete because I haven't finished or even continued any of my personal projects (I'll post more about it soon). Every thing right now is all about work.

I must not lose focus. I shouldn't be derailed. Some people would say "Take a break!" but I can't... There are only two of us left in Cebu to do all these things.

I don't know if I'm making a point here, I'm really out of order in terms of creativity.