The Abandoned


I can still remember the day when I claimed the Sony A6000 at the Sony store in Glorietta. I was very excited coz I could finally have a new camera with a fast autofocus and amazing video qualities, as what online camera reviewers said. I called my contact to confirm that I'll be there at 12:00 PM.

I waited a bit while they confirmed my identity as I failed to bring the deposit slip. Well, that store didn't have stocks and only the authorized reseller in Alabang has one so I made an agreement to pay for it in the bank then claim it the following day.

It was so surreal. I think I watched all camera reviews and comparison to Canon 700D on Youtube prior to deciding to pick the Sony A6000. The autofocus is really faster but the downside is its use in video production: it does not have a microphone jack, it does not have a touchscreen and the screen is not articulating. I think I can get used to it. I was actually planning to make Youtube videos haha! But the good point is its fast and more autofocus points, small and lightweight. I also planned to use it for street photography. I even bought a second zoom lens, the Sony 55-210mm for moon shots.

But it's plastic body made me leave it more often in its Sony-supplied camera bag than to bring and use it daily. I feel like it's too fragile compared to its competitors. So to cut it short, I rarely used it.  

I think the only time I used it in its full capacity was when we went to a theme park for a team summer outing. It didn't fail me except for its battery; the dynamic range, fast autofocus and 11 frames per second helped a lot in capturing unguarded moments.

Last December, I bought a Sony RX100 III as it is obviously smaller. Months passed and the Sony A6000 just stayed in my Manfrotto camera bag. Until I fell out of love. I use its smaller brother more frequently due to its more compact size and almost equally image quality.

Now I have decided to bring the Sony A6000 with me to Cebu. I realized that I spent so much for it, I even bought two third-party batteries and a charger. I hope to bring back the excitement of using it. In fact, I was excited when Sony announced its successor, the Sony A6300. I was just a bit disappointed that it still has no touchscreen, but again, I can deal with it. But it is impractical to buy one unless I sell some of my gears (which I'm seriously considering).

I also hope that Sony Philippines will be more active in driving its community together. It's no secret that I love my two Fujifilm bodies. Apart from its delivery of amazing Fuji colors, I like how Fujifilm Philippines run plenty of activities for their growing loyal fan base. It reflects to me how they value their users, something that I don't see in Sony Philippines. I'm not trolling by the way, I'm just stating what I observe from a consumer's perspective, something that Sony could improve on.

Dear Sony Philippines, if you are reading this, would you mind if I ask for a 50mm f/1.8 lens? :-)